Price Change in Domains.

Dear Customers,

Due to the frequest fluctuations in US Dollar, the domain prices and revised, New prices will be applicable from 1st of April 2013 for any Renewal and Registration.


Farrukh S. Ansari
Edish Network Solutions,
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+92 333 235 8225

9th Mar 2013
SSH Temporarily Disabled

A new Linux exploit has been found on many hosting providers servers. The exploit allows a malicious user to download SSH keys, /etc/shadow (encrypted password file), gain root access to the server and automatically sends spam.All of our servers have been inspected and are not infected, however the entry point for this exploit has not yet been ... Read More »

20th Feb 2013
Upcoming Maintenance (UK Servers)

Dear Customers,In order to keep our network in tip top condition as well to ensure we have ample capacity in reserve to deal with growth, it is essential for us to carry out routine maintenance from time to time. In the most part, this maintenance is carried out behind the scenes without impact to service but sometimes a little disruption is ... Read More »

4th Dec 2012

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